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"How did you get this number?" [BEEP]
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Arashi is not called back by his coven to deal with any further issues; when he does receive updates, he mostly doesn't share them with Harvestman, unless there's a specific reason why Arashi thinks he would be interested. Neither one of them should have to think about it for a while, as far as he's concerned. The world moves on, the Masters do what they need to do. There will be an emergency meeting of the whole Council soon, to discuss what happened in New York, decide if anything else needs to be done. Better minds, and so forth. Arashi turns his phone off most nights, and drapes himself across Harvestman's lap for petting like a spoiled cat.

The Americans themselves continue to rebuild, keeping their headquarters underground but slowly appropriating a small section of Brooklyn by the river. There is, at the time, no specific talks about resurrecting Eternity itself, perhaps in one of the abandoned warehouses being bought up left and right; instead, little shops begin to open up in this odd section of the docks, an art studio, a restaurant for midnight brunch. There is a visible effect lingering behind in the young vampires of the coven, who no longer have such a whimsical grasp of immortality.

And Charlie reopens her bar. As soon as she does so, she calls Harvestman to inform him, and to ask him if he would be willing to take one of the first shifts. No real explanation is offered and they don't actually talk about anything that happened, but the reopening itself is bullheaded enough that Harvestman could probably infer what he needs to from that.

It's no surprise that things are pretty quiet for a while, but Charlie is insistent that they stay open, just in case. Gradually, customers start to filter back in -- at first they're mostly travelers, Independents and outlying vampires and companions who are venturing to and from the main coven to check in or offer help. Then the hopeful humans begin to show up, and then a regular or two. It begins to feel normal again.

Tonight, it's a very small but mostly familiar crowd. Charlie carries a box of whiskey and pushes it up on the counter beside Harvestman, blowing her bangs out of her face.

"They keep sending this stuff and I still can't get anyone to drink it. What do you think, blend it with the B-positive and drop it to half-price?"
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Overthrowing a corrupt organization is no easy task, especially when it has the audacity to spread out across the world. The sentinels went out after the scattered pieces of the sun bomb, and that means fighting their way through the hunters protecting it; contrary to what Harvestman might think, their intention isn't simply to slaughter whatever mortals stand in their way.

Just because it works out like that, doesn't make it their fault. Clearly.

Necessity for stealth, and the fact that the sentinels don't really answer to any Master means that no one has much idea of where they are or what they're doing, for several days and nights. It's closing out a full week of radio silence before anyone receives word, and when that happens, it's because half of the sentinels came back.

Arashi is feeling a strange bond with Harvestman at this moment that he can honestly say he's never anticipated: the haven't-bathed-in-days, clothes-held-on-by-willpower kind of bond. His hair is a mess and his makeup is smudged and faded and he's covered in dried bloodstains, but his eyes and skin are bright from healthy feeding, and he can barely stand the thought of getting through even a short debriefing before he can get home, to a bath and his bed and Harvestman, not necessarily in that exact order.

The headquarters of the American coven has relocated fully to the subterranean labyrinth underneath New York for the time being, while they continue to scout for a safe location above ground. When Nicholas hears that Arashi is back, for as long as it takes to give him the appropriate heads up, he instructs someone to find Harvestman and let him know. Arashi beats him to that. The second his phone is returned to him (goddamn Kaleo taking no chances), he sends a characteristically succinct text.

Meet in control room so we can go the fuck home.
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The next night, Arashi does in fact make it a point to visit Harvestman at the little bar in the backwoods of new York State. He doesn't leave when Harvestman does, just to add a little aspect of mystery to his arrival, but even playing that ridiculous game, he can't pretend that he isn't looking forward to it.

Which is why it's really less than an hour after Harvestman clocks in that Arashi shows up, in jeans and a dark blazer with the scarf Harvestman had given him wrapped loosely around his neck. The dogtags are visible through the open jacket, hanging against his chest beneath the scarf. It's still pretty early (relatively speaking) but there are already other vampires there, most of them in small groups, laughing and joking and drinking just like humans would do.

Arashi just strolls up to the bar, slides easily onto a stool, and smirks at the cute bartender behind the counter.

"So, is there some kind of special today, or what?"
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He didn't stay in the nexus after the encounter left him all tense and anxious, two sensations he'd pretty much been hoping to avoid for at least a little while longer while he got things back to normal. He didn't even bother finishing the rest of his errands; there was no time for that.

Instead, he goes straight back home. The second he sets foot in the house, he senses around for Harvestman's presence, hoping like hell that he won't have to track him down anywhere else.



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